Shine HR is a small, friendly, independent HR consultancy designed to provide you with the HR support your business needs. We offer a full range of HR and recruitment services to a wide range of businesses in Oxfordshire.

A well-managed team is essential for your business to achieve it’s potential and your competitive advantage hinges on any number of issues relating to your staff.

We offer flexible solutions and a pragmatic approach that adds value to your organisation without incurring the cost of employing your own HR Manager. We are available whenever you need us, on either an ad-hoc basis, for project work or as a Virtual HR Department meeting and managing the needs of your business.

HR Health Check- Is your business legally compliant?

The law changes quickly and its vital that you stay up to date. We offer a HR Health Check to assess your HR practises in relation to current legislation, allowing you to see whether you meet your legal obligations.

We assess your basic systems, policies and procedures, reviewing your documentation and from this, we make recommendations that will ensure you are meeting all your legal obligations going forward. Our aim is to work as an extension of your company, either virtually, on-site or at the end of a phone. We can be the HR function so you can concentrate on what you do best.


Our Main Services are:
  •      Training and Development
  •      Policies and Procedures
  •      Employment Law and Compliance
  •      HR Documentation (contracts, letters, handbooks)
  •      HR advice
  •      People Management


This expertise can be applied to:
    • Recruitment and Selection »
      Hiring the best people you can is essential to the success of your company. We have over 15 years experience recruiting staff across a wide range of businesses sectors and can manage your recruitment campaign whether you’re seeking one person or many. We can help you identify the skills you really need to grow your business and find the person who will make the difference.
      Recruitment Services:

      • Role Identification
      • Job descriptions and Person Specifications
      • Advertising
      • Shortlisting
      • Interviews and Selection (telephone, on site, screening)
      • Reference checks and offer letters

    • Performance Management »
      • Performance appraisals
      • Feedback
      • Learning and development
      • Aligning development to organisational goals

    • Employee Relations and Engagement »
      It is a simple fact that employees are more effective in the workplace when they feel valued. A team that feel engaged, listened to and who have a voice within an organisation translates into improved business performance. We can offer advice and support on:
      • Communication systems and procedures
      • Statutory entitlements (maternity, paternity and parental leave)
      • Flexible working
      • Employee satisfaction surveys
      • Absenteeism
      • Disciplinary cases
      • Dismissal
      • Grievance cases
      • Harassment and bullying
      • Promotion of good working relationships

    • Pay and Reward »
      In order to attract, retain and motivate the best people for your business a delicate balance of pay and reward needs to be created. Research shows that people are attracted, retained and engaged by a range of financial and non financial rewards and that these change over time depending on their individual circumstances.Shine Human Resources can help you determine the right pay and reward strategies for your business, in line with your operational needs. Services Include:
      • Job analysis
      • Pay structures (spines, bands or grades)
      • Pay levels and awards
      • Bonus and financial incentive schemes
      • Non-financial reward (progression, development, recognition)